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Working on Search Engine Optimization
How To Learn SEO & Do It Yourself

One important consideration for every website is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, SEO is making sure that your website or business shows up on Google, Bing or other web searches. If you want people to find you online, SEO is not something to ignore.

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Kara Buffardi, Founder & CEO of Craveity Marketing
Craveity Marketing joined The Philanthropy Podcast

Last month, I had the honor of interviewing with Sean MacCready from The Philanthropy Podcast.

It’s a podcast focused on supporting people in the non-profit world, and I joined to talk about digital marketing advice for non-profits.
Listen Here.

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Free Guide: Say Goodbye to Social Media Burnout

If you’re an entrepreneur, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve felt one of these two ways about social media: Either that you aren’t doing enough or that social media is just too much work.

More than likely, you’ve felt both.

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Food Video
How Video Can Help Grow Your Food Business

At Craveity, we’re big fans of integrating video with your marketing. Video proves time and time again to be extremely valuable for engagement and brand growth, especially when used on your website or social media.

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