We believe in inspiring healthy, sustainable living and food innovation across the United States


The global food system is broken, especially in the United States. Communities are struggling with food security, families are struggling with nutrition, and our world is experiencing the effects of our food waste.

Craveity works primarily with small businesses and non-profits who are doing good things with food… from creating healthy/good/sustainable food products to helping people get access to food and more. . We help them use strategic websites and social media as tools to grow their audience, communicate their mission, and make a greater impact to their communities.

How We Help

Strategy is key. So many companies will build you a website without thinking about what it should do for your business. Your website and social media efforts should support your company’s goals. Craveity infuses strategic decisions into every project to make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing.


Creating and maintaining a solid brand enables your audience to build a strong connection with your company. A brand should communicate who you are, and why people should join your mission or buy your product. An effective brand is invaluable. We will help you create one.

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Social Media Marketing

We focus on understanding your business goals before we begin with social media marketing efforts. by focusing on these business goals and understanding your target market, we’ll make sure you’re doing the right social media activities to expand your following, increase sales, and engage with your audience.

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Website Services

Websites are critical in today’s digital age. An effective, strategically-created website can help you establish credibility, increase your sales and allow you communicate your mission. We make sure your website is excelling at its job.

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Craveity was founded in 2015 by Kara Buffardi. As she worked with groups who decrease food waste, create nutritious food options, and have a positive impact to the way our lives affect the environment, she started to learn about the crisis we’re in: our food system is broken. As a foodie who believes in nutritious, delicious food, and as someone who cares about the sustainability of the planet, she knew she had to use her skills to make a difference.

Changing the US food system is a major challenge, but our founder believes that it will start from the ground up (from consumers and small businesses). She strives to boost up companies that will lead the charge.


At Craveity, we operate with three key values in mind.

1. Care for Our Employees

At Craveity, we want our employees to have a positive and rewarding experience. We want our employees to live happy and healthy, and we know that a fulfilling and balanced work life plays a role.

2. Care for Our Clients

We choose our clients carefully, striving for clients who we can proudly support and advocate for. As one of our clients, we want you to feel cared for and supported 100%.

3. Care for Our Planet

We care for our planet, both for the environment and the people. We advocate for sustainability and social responsibility, we and aim to lead by example.