Why Branding is Key to a Successful Company

Why Branding is Key to A Successful Company

Building an established brand may seem like hard and expensive work, but if done right, it will always pay off. All successful companies have a brand that their audience recognizes, uses, and purchases from repeatedly. The brand is what brings customers back for more. Here’s a list of three ways that branding plays a critical role in creating successful companies.

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Rotten Apples - Food Waste

5 Amazingly Powerful Videos about Food Waste

Over the past couple of months, I’ve engrossed myself in learning about food waste. Why? When I first encountered these videos, I was shocked, amazed and knew immediately that I wanted to advocate for improving our food system. These videos are amazingly powerful at demonstrating the issues and causes around our food waste epidemic.

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Woman talking on phone and using laptop

5 Rules For Generating Consumer Engagement

Sometimes it can seem as if your target audience is impossible to reach. How do you get your audience like you? How do you get them to respond to your message?

In order to create a relationship with your target audience, you need to engage them. Here are 5 ways for your company to engage your target audience.

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Why You Should Care about Branding

Branding is essential to every company. Your brand influences how customers interact with your company and the products and services it has to offer. Branding defines your company so without a clear brand, your company may struggle to communicate your mission or purpose.

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Women working on laptop

Do You Need a New Website?

Your business shouldn’t be stagnant and neither should your website. A new website can create a positive first impression for your company.

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Smarter Social Media Marketing

3 Steps to Smarter Social Media Marketing

One goal of any social media strategy is to engage your target market and grow your brand. The more organically that happens – the better. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by trying to master multiple platforms or generate new, winning content every week, you’re not alone.

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Food Waste

The Truth About America’s Food Wasting Epidemic

From production and processing to distribution and retail, there are hundreds of opportunities to create food waste in the American food system. Unfortunately, the real numbers tell a scarier story than you may have thought.

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Meridian Hive Website

Craveity Launches New Meridian Hive Website

Earlier this year, Meridian Hive Meadery, Austin’s first and only meadery, launched their new-and-improved website with the help of the Craveity Marketing team.

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Social Media Marketing Tools

Meet Lindsey, Our Digital Marketing Intern

We’re excited to announce that Craveity Marketing has hired Lindsey Ricci as our new Digital Content Marketing Intern.

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Simple Content Marketing Trends to Try in 2016

Consumers are continually becoming more technologically advanced and finding new ways to engage with content. It’s critical that you make sure your marketing strategy is effective and current in order to reach them. Some marketing channels are tried and true  and will never disappear (such as direct mail), but if you want to make a big impact, you need to connect with your consumers digitally.

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