3 Things You Need to Know About Content Curation

With all the buzz around content curation, you might find yourself wondering what those words actually mean and if it’s something you need to learn about.

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Using Images in Marketing

How to use Images for Effective Marketing

Why do we use images in marketing? Is it simply because that’s what everyone else is doing; or is there a deeper, more meaningful justification for sourcing quality photos to display alongside our advertising?

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3 Online Tools for Your Social Media Marketing

With all the practical, daily duties already on your to-do list, it’s easy to push social media marketing to the bottom. But that would be a mistake. For a minimal time investment, social media has the power to become one of your most valuable and efficient marketing tools.

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Avoid Diluting Your Brand in Three Simple Steps

You’ve taken the time to build your brand, so now you need to invest the time to protect it. Read on to learn how you can preserve your image and avoid diluting your core messages.
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5 Easy Social Media Posts for Food Businesses

Take the headache out of planning your social media posts. Perfect for food businesses, these five post ideas are simple, fun, and effective.
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What Is Branding Really Doing for You?

If you’ve ever spent time and money on marketing materials or campaigns in the heat of the moment without asking if it fits your brand (or even without a brand even established), this article is for you.
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Write so your audience will listen

How to Speak So Your Target Audience Will Listen

One of the most important aspects of crafting your message is making sure your intended recipient will read and understand the information you want to share. Never assume a reader came across your message because they’re interested in you or the topic at hand. While that might be the case, it may not always be true.

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Digital Content Marketing Intern

We’re Hiring! Digital Content Marketing Intern

We’re excited to announce that Craveity Marketing is hiring a digital content marketing intern for the Spring of 2016. We are looking for someone to join our team who is excited to learn and apply content marketing strategy to real-world situations.

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Holiday Marketing

How to Make Holiday Marketing Work for You

It’s the end of the year and the perfect time to get one last marketing push implemented before 2016. The holiday season can be an excellent backdrop for your next campaign; just be sure to follow these guidelines to create the most compelling and timely holiday marketing.

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Two Hives Honey Honey bees

The Honey Homes Program: Saving the Honey Bees

A couple of weeks ago, I never thought I’d care so much about bees. Most of us, including myself, have heard about the plight of the bees, but don’t truly understand the issue or how to get involved.

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