Best web platforms

Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress? Choosing the Right Web Platform

In the age of cyber technology, having a website for your business is critical, but when there are so many platforms available… which do you choose? We interviewed users of three different website platforms to get their opinions.

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Get More Clicks with a Social Media Sharing Schedule

You’ve already poured effort, research, and time into creating an informative blog post that fits with your brand; the next step is getting it in front of your customers. Social media sharing can help you do just that, but you’ll need a little strategy.
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The Influence of Color: One of the Best Kept Secrets in Marketing

There’s no escaping the influence of color. It’s everywhere and touches us on a fundamental and emotional level. You’ve probably noticed that while you’re drawn to certain colors, others hold much less appeal, or maybe even repel you.

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Strategy Box

Three Critical Branding Strategies

It’s time to build your brand (or your re-brand). Will you hire a brand consultant, or try the DIY approach? Either way, there are some primary strategies you should employ, and others that you (or your marketer) should avoid at all costs. Let’s study this example of marketing gone wrong, and then talk three critical branding strategies. 

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Marketing Color Wheel

Why Color Sells: Color Theory and Branding

According to the Journal of Management History, “people make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products.” First impressions in marketing matter, and color choice plays a pivotal role in how a product is perceived. The study of color is called color theory.

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Wine Bottles

American Drinking Preferences 2015

Earlier this year, Uncorked published a report that’s a must-read for bars, restaurants, wine distributors and the like.

It’s a report about how America drinks, or at least their drinking preferences. It’s critical to understand your target market and trends, so I’ve pulled out some of the most valuable facts for you.

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Usability Testing Tools

4 Affordable Usability Testing Tools

Usability testing can be extremely valuable for informing you how people interact with your website or design, but unfortunately, many tools require you to dish out the dough.

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The Meaning of the Word Craveity

Craveity : Noun [‘krāv-ə-tē] crave-i-tee
1. An object that is immensely craved or desired
2. The state or quality of being immensely craved

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Non-Profit Marketing with Catchafire

Craveity Helps with Non-Profit Marketing Efforts

You haven’t heard of Catchafire? A month ago, neither had I. But it’s a worthy site, so let me enlighten you.

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