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04 Jan
Paleo Diet

A Sustainable Paleo Diet – Is it possible?

Over the past few years, the Paleo diet has been all the craze. First of all, the concept is kind of fun, right? “Eat like a caveman!” And with the many success stories, this diet is hard to ignore. Personally, I’m conflicted.

16 Dec
Internship at Craveity

5 Ways I Benefited from My Internship at Craveity

I wouldn’t have minded grabbing a cup of coffee for my boss. But getting lost in a run-of-the-mill job was my deepest fear during my internship hunt. In stark contrast, my four month Digital Content Marketing Internship at Craveity was a journey through my fantasy of creative marketing communication. And it was all for a..

02 Jul
Woman Reading a Magazine

We’re Hiring: Digital Marketing Intern, Fall 2016

This past spring, our interns were introduced to the world of marketing, wrote blog posts for their portfolio, and learned about effective social media marketing. We had such a wonderful experience with our spring digital marketing internships that we decided to bring in another intern for fall 2016.

16 May
Craveity SNAP Challenge Recap

7 Days, $28 Dollars: SNAP Challenge Recap

You may have seen that I recently completed the #SNAPChallenge, a seven-day challenge to live on a food budget of only $28. Although brief, it was a very insightful and inspiring challenge. Here’s a summary of the experience.

10 May
Meet Megan, our Web Content Writing Intern

Meet Megan, Our Web Content Writing Intern

You may have read our new blog posts including “Millennials and Food: The Top 3 Questions You Should Ask” and “5 Rules for Generating Consumer Engagement.” These two amazing posts come from our very talented Web Content Writing Intern, Megan Copeland.

01 May
Food Stamp #SNAPChallenge Foods

Living on Food Stamps: $4 / Day

Tomorrow, I start the Food Stamp #SNAPChallenge. SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the program where low-income individuals and families gain federal support to buy food. It overall aims to help with food security.

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