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06 Jun

Core Design Materials to Get Your Business Started

You’re a new business owner. Congrats to you! Now you have to work on getting your new venture out into the world. You know that your visual branding and marketing materials are important, and you want them to be well-done. They have to live up to your awesome business idea, right? But as a small..

19 May
Drive Action with CTAs

How to Create an Effective Call to Action

As a business owner or marketer, you probably have lot on your plate. You’re handling blog posts, social media… not to mention running your business. The last thing you want to do is add another “to do”, but this one is important. If you want your website to work for your business, you need an..

05 May
Eating at table

Millennials and Food: The Top 3 Questions You Should Ask

  • May 5, 2016
  • Megan Copeland

Millennials are an important consumer group that many people don’t know much about, especially in the food industry. For example, do you know how millennials interact with food brands? What’s important to them? And how should the food industry market to millennials? Here are some questions to ask yourself when thinking about how to reach the..

02 May

3 Reasons Why You Need a Brand Style Guide

A brand guide is the guidebook every company needs. The brand style guide refers to the logo, font, color scheme, and every design aspect your company needs to create a constant look. Without one, your company can look very inconsistent and unprofessional. All companies need a brand, or style, guide to be successful. Here are..

25 Apr
Why Branding is Key to a Successful Company

Why Branding is Key to A Successful Company

Building an established brand may seem like hard and expensive work, but if done right, it will always pay off. All successful companies have a brand that their audience recognizes, uses, and purchases from repeatedly. The brand is what brings customers back for more. Here’s a list of three ways that branding plays a critical..

19 Apr
Woman talking on phone and using laptop

5 Rules For Generating Consumer Engagement

Sometimes it can seem as if your target audience is impossible to reach. How do you get your audience like you? How do you get them to respond to your message? In order to create a relationship with your target audience, you need to engage them. Here are 5 ways for your company to engage your target audience.

18 Apr

Why You Should Care about Branding

Branding is essential to every company. Your brand influences how customers interact with your company and the products and services it has to offer. Branding defines your company so without a clear brand, your company may struggle to communicate your mission or purpose.

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