Creating and maintaining a solid brand enables your audience to build a strong connection with your company. A brand should communicate who you are, and why people should join your mission or buy your product. An effective brand is invaluable. We want to help you create one.

Brand Assessment

Craveity will evaluate your external communications and provide a report on observations and recommendations related to your brand.  Starting with an understanding of your target market and company goals, we will determine how to improve the messaging and consistency of your brand.

Craveity will…

  • Facilitate a 30 – 60 minute phone call to understand your company and target market
  • Evaluate your current brand guide (if available) and highlight missing areas
  • Review your consumer-facing media and marketing materials
  • Evaluate the consistency of your brand
  • Evaluate how well your brand appeals to your target audience
  • Provide a 1-2 page report on findings and recommendations

Price: $550 / Assessment

Brand Guidelines Document

Brand guidelines are important to ensure consistency and prevent dilution of your brand. We will create a guideline document that details the visual and verbal criteria for your communications. The brand guidelines document is yours to use how you see fit, though most people choose to distribute it to employees or contractors who handle your marketing communications.

Craveity will…

Facilitate one or two 60 minute discovery calls or focus groups to understand your current or intended brand. Your brand guidelines document will include…

  • A brand overview
  • Details on your brand colors, fonts, and typefaces
  • Acceptable and unacceptable uses of your logo
  • Examples of acceptable and unacceptable imagery for your brand materials
  • Description of your verbal tone

Price: $685 / Guide

Brand Revisions or Brand Development

If you’re interested in having Craveity create your brand, please contact us to discuss details and pricing. We will create a custom branding package or we will help you connect with our trusted partners depending on your budget and needs.

Price: Please contact us to discuss pricing for brand revisions or the creation of brand materials.