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Meridian Hive Website

Craveity Launches New Meridian Hive Website

Earlier this year, Meridian Hive Meadery, Austin’s first and only meadery, launched their new-and-improved website with the help of the Craveity Marketing team.

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Two Hives Honey Honey bees

The Honey Homes Program: Saving the Honey Bees

A couple of weeks ago, I never thought I’d care so much about bees. Most of us, including myself, have heard about the plight of the bees, but don’t truly understand the issue or how to get involved.

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Non-Profit Marketing with Catchafire

Craveity Helps with Non-Profit Marketing Efforts

You haven’t heard of Catchafire? A month ago, neither had I. But it’s a worthy site, so let me enlighten you.

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