Lack of Focus

3 Things that Kill Focus

As an entrepreneur, staying focused is not easy, but feasible. These three habits may be killing your ability to focus every day.

1. Hyperconnectivity

Do you stumble over your phone the moment you open your eyes? Do you get lost in pointless notifications throughout the day? Well, you are not alone in this digital haze. It is a common problem that many entrepreneurs grapple with often.

Even our very own CEO and Founder Kara Buffardi used to fall victim to this modern day virtual distraction. “It’s easy to get distracted by digital media, especially when your job is to manage social networks,” she said. “Not only that, alerts on your phone can easily distract you.”



We spend an average of 12 hours per day on digital media.

The soaring use of digital media is evident. In 2016, we spend an average of 12 hours per day in this virtual space. That is over 32 episodes of Simpsons or about 12 episodes of The Game of Thrones. Such digital frenzy sidetracks entrepreneurs from accomplishing important tasks. It will also prevent them from processing and staying focused – a critical but undermined brain food.

2. Meetings After Meetings

Do you hop from one meeting to the next? News flash: That is deterring your focus. Switching tasks and context instantly is difficult for the human brain. It is not like flicking through hundreds of TV channels. Your brain needs a buffer of 15-20 minutes to recalibrate, reflect and prioritize.



Managers and executives spend 35%-55% of their time in meetings.

Yes, meetings are innate when it comes to running a business. However, they should not take 35% – 55% of your time. That is 14-22 hours per week conversing with a bunch of people behind closed doors, leaving you with only 18-26 hours to get the work done. That hinders your focus from delivering what is expected of you and your team.

Here is a recommendation: Shrink the number of people in your meetings to eight or less. That way you will be able to stay on point and delegate responsibility effectively.

3. Lack of Sleep

Burning the midnight oil appears to be inevitable to get things done, especially for new entrepreneurs. And sleep becomes a luxury rather than a necessity. However, the short-term productivity which comes at the expense of your sleep is ill-advised. It is not only detrimental to your focus but also your mood and health.



Short-term productivity at the expense of your sleep is detrimental to your focus, mood and health.

Some entrepreneurs tend to be troubled with staying asleep if they did not get things done during the day. The insidious voice takes over a little past midnight. The clients who are on the edge, the employee who wants a raise, stakeholders who frowned on your idea, the in-laws with high expectations… Do these strike a chord?

Here is a suggestion; exercise. Believe it or not, 150 minutes of exercise per week will help people sleep better.

These three habits that kill focus might not sound new to you. So consider them a friendly reminder to stay on track and productive.



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