Building Digital Audience

5 Ways to Grow Your Digital Audience

A strong digital audience base is one indicator of success in digital marketing. Even if you start early, building your audience can be time-consuming. It is a gradual process of establishing a relationship through meaningful conversations. You should focus on topics that interest people so you can engage and possibly inspire them to take actions.

There are a myriad of options to build a large, engaged audience in the marketing-congested digital space. The five tips below are popular practices that will help you increase the interest in your content.

1. Know Your Audience

Everything starts with your target audience; know who they are. What is their interest, behavior, attitude, aspirations, fears, lifestyle, background and earnings? These insights are essential inputs to your digital strategy. They will help you create and frame your content in a way that is more relevant to your target group. And the only way you can uncover such information is to research, research and more research.

2. Start Blogging

A blog is an excellent opportunity to show your target audience how much you value them. Focus on solutions and trends that benefit your target audience, and tone down your marketing.

People are more receptive to educational and solution-oriented content rather than a sales pitch. This approach will generate leads, increase site traffic and position yourself as an industry expert.

Guest blogging is another way for you to expand your audience. Beyond posting on your own blog, share your expertise and opinion on different industry topics via other brand’s blogs. That will give you more exposure.

3. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing comes in handy to drive brand awareness and generate leads. Getting the right people on your email list can be tricky. The good old “Subscribe now to receive weekly updates” method does not work anymore because of the ubiquitous low-value offers. You have to be more creative in your approach.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can use different tactics to build your email list. Once you start garnering the right digital audience, you must be consistent in delivering the content that meets their expectations.

4. Encourage Participation

Digital marketing is all about two-way communication. Don’t expect people to follow you just because you are pumping out information. Instead, ask questions. Curate content that is worthy of sharing. Investigate which topics have a high engagement so you can create relevant content.

You can also share other people’s content which has high engagement. When people see high interaction with content, they tend to follow and engage with it.

5. Use Referrals

Always remember that people are receptive to information from credible experts. No, we are not suggesting that you tell people that you are a maestro. Rather, have other people do it for you. However, be sure you to walk the talk. Your content needs to reflect your expertise consistently.


You will see a fast growing digital audience if you integrate the techniques explained above. However, that can be overwhelming, especially when you have other areas of your business to handle. So consider a partner with years of experience in digital marketing  to convey your message in a compelling manner.

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