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Craveity Marketing joined The Philanthropy Podcast

Last month, I had the honor of interviewing with Sean MacCready from The Philanthropy Podcast.

It’s a podcast focused on supporting people in the non-profit world, and I joined to talk about digital marketing advice for non-profits.
Listen Here.

More about the Philanthropy Podcast

The Philanthropy Podcast is a fantastic new podcast aimed at those involved with philanthropy, from non-profit managers to funders and more.

The Philanthropy Podcast

Sean describes the show as “a celebration of the challenges and joys in the philanthropic world… Exploring a range of topics from annual funds to zealous supports, we hope everyone finds ideas that improve our day to day efforts and understanding of the broader scope of our [philanthropic] organizational mission.

Talking about Marketing for Non-Profits

Sean asked me to join to talk about how non-profits can improve their digital marketing.

We discussed topics like how to reuse your content for social media and how to make meaningful connections with prospective donors and volunteers. The podcast is less than 30 minutes so it’s well worth the listen.

Listen to the Interview

Although we talk a lot about non-profit marketing in the podcast, the advice can be helpful for just about anyone.

Listen to the podcast here, and be sure to support the show by sharing with anyone who you think will benefit.

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