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Meet Ammanuel, our new Digital Content Marketing Intern

Ammanuel Melaku Ayalew has joined Craveity Marketing as our newest Digital Content Marketing Intern. Please welcome him to the team!

Marketing Experience

Ammanuel is a graduate student at Governors State University (GSU) in Chicago, IL. He brings extensive marketing experience to the team, having worked as a freelance copywriter and marketing assistant on accounts such as the John Hopkins Center for Communication Programs and Kifiya Financial Technology.

Ammanuel also works as a Digital Strategy Assistant for GSU where he develops online content and digital marketing strategies to increase their social media following and site traffic.

Internship at Craveity Marketing

Ammanuel plans to continue his career in digital marketing. At Craveity, he will expand his knowledge in blog writing, social media marketing, and web analytics.

Ammanuel said that he is excited for the “one-on-one mentoring with an industry expert and the autonomy to bring [his] creative ideas to life.”

Contribution to Sustainable Food20160825_175834

Ammanuel decided to join our team for more than the digital marketing experience. Our mission for a sustainable food system also piqued his interest.

As an international student from Ethiopia, Ammanuel spends his free time exploring Chicago, tasting ethnic foods and experiencing different cultures. He noticed the amount of food that the United States wastes and wants to contribute to a more sustainable food culture. Ammanuel said, “this [internship] is a great way for me to put my skills in marketing to a noble cause.”

Outside of Work

Outside of work, Ammanuel says that he exercises a healthy lifestyle and plays sports. He has played for the GSU varsity basketball team and joined the GSU intramural soccer tournament.

Ammanuel is also involved in professional organizations including the Graduate Professional Network (GPN), the International Culture Organization (ICO) and the Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago Auxiliary Board.

Welcome to the team, Ammanuel!

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