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A Recap of 2016 – By The Numbers

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of 2016! This has been an exciting year for Craveity. I decided to put together a quick recap of what our year was like.

Here’s a summary of our 2016… by the numbers:

2016 By the numbers

Social Media

New Instagram Followers – Craveity launched our Instagram profile on May 5, 2016. Since then, 1,044 of you have decided to follow along.

Instagram Likes – And since May, people have liked our Instagram posts…. 5,475 times!

Twitter Retweets – Throughout 2016, Craveity’s tweets were retweeted over 98 times. Thank you for sharing!

Sustainable Food Peeps Featured – In November and December, we ran a social media campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As part of the campaign, we featured a number of different people who are living lives centered around healthy and sustainable food. We featured a vegan, a vegetarian, an urban gardener, an artist and an inspirational weight-loss story.



Web Pages Made Live – 2016 was a year for growing and expanding. Throughout the year, we created and updated at least 92 new web pages for our clients and for

Blogs Written, Edited & Published – We’ve written, edited and published 61 blogs throughout the year for Craveity, clients and our partners. That’s about 5 blogs per month!

Usability Tests Performed – We’re fans of usability testing, that’s why we’ve conducted and analyzed over 11 usability tests for a number of sites throughout the year.

More Stats

Events and Speaking Engagements – Throughout the year, Craveity hosted, moderated and spoke at about 5 events across Austin and Chicago.

Food Challenges Completed – To better understand our food system, we put ourselves in the shoes of people who are food insecure. I lived for a week on an entire food budget of $28 – Learn more about the SNAP Challenge.

Team Members – We were blessed to have a team of amazing interns throughout the spring and fall semesters 2016. Thank you to our marketing interns Lindsey, Megan and Ammanuel!

Moves Across The Country – At the start of 2016, Craveity called Austin, TX our home. But we moved north! We’re now up in Chicago, IL. (Burr!)

Cups of Tea – We drink a lot of tea….


Thank you everyone for the wonderful year! We’re looking forward to another in 2017. 🙂


Stats were gathered throughout the week of December 12, 2016. Some numbers may be approximated.


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